Lorenzo Papanti is an italian visual artist, born 1989. His video works and installations constitute hypothetical dimensions, hybrid places to experiment and test relationships. The investigation of the physical and mental space represent a constant of his artistic research, aimed at defining the reality through perceptual verification, crossing performative territories and visual operations. His works have been selected and shown in international ehxibitions and awards, as in Intermediaciones (Colombia), FIVAC (Cuba), IVAHM (Spain), Visionaria (Italy), Under the Subway Video Art Night, Combat Prize (Italy), Muestra de Video Arte Faenza (Colombia), JCE / Jeune Creation Europeenne Biennale 2019-2021.





The body of Christ, 3' 17", 2019, Italy

The body of the Crucifixion incarnates human pain in a state of physical tension. The model is transferred into a calculation software and associated with a heat-sensitive material: some faces are stressed by various temperature gradients, transposed in proportional movements in the space of the single points. Numerical evaluation goes into research within the body, trying to represent pain and spiritual tension through the tension of the material.