Ралф Даниел Лумбрес

Ralph is an artist from the Philippines. His work ranges from sculpture, video, and installations to performance and community-based art practices. He is also a set and production designer for the stage and enjoys woodworking on the side. He is the founder of Prodjx Artist Community, an interdisciplinary collective that transects art, science, and community development. He is a member of Gobyerno Project, a participatory performance collaboration with Sipat Lawin Ensemble and other artists. Ralph is a college lecturer and also works as a learning experience designer for Habi Education Lab. He is a fellow of Japan Foundation Asia Center’s HANDs! Project.


Sa Pagitan 1: A Series of Site-Specific Readings of "Lines in the Mind, Not in the World" by Donella Meadows, 5' 55", 2019

Sa Pagitan is a work about borders and interconnectedness. This first video of a series was read in the border of Laos and Thailand, specifically in an islet in the Mekong River. This is part of a video series project that I am planning to produce for my solo exhibition in Jeorge B. Vargas Museum in August 2020.