Treasure Island v1.0VR Theater, Video

Small Theater Company (Bulgaria)


Treasure Island v1.0 performance is based upon Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel and it's a first part from Small Theatre Company's "Treasure island" trilogy Small Theatre Company developed completely new type of performance, that has many similarities with software products like periodic upgrades of the visual content and the source code. Using a mobile application and AR/VR headsets, the audience sees live puppetry acting in entirely virtual environment. The company provides such set for every spectator of the show. For the innovations in "Treasure island v1.0", Small Theatre Company has been nominated for the BAIT Awards 2018 (Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies) in the category "Company-innovator in applying advanced IT Solutions". The performance "Treasure island v1.0" is also a part of the Bulgarian official selection for the prestigious Prague Quadrennial in 2019.