André Perim is a musician, composer, and multimedia artist from Brazil. His work is based on the unique mixture of the sacred tradition of the Afro-Brazilian Rhythms with electronic elements inspired by ambient and psychedelia.

He released three albums- “Dágua” (2014), and “ Dágua ao vivo” (2018) and “Side Effects”,. The last one is based on the work produced for interrnet during a long period of hospital internment due to a cancer desease treatment. This work opened new possibilities regarding on line artist expression as well as creative uses of electronic soundscapes, silence, and noise.

In the same year produces the video art work “Infotoxication” , starting a new path in his carrier making use of multimedia and influences of conceptual art.


INFOTOXICATON, 4' 49", 2018, Brazil

INFOTOXICATION-(Infoxication, Information overload)-Information overload occurs when the amount of input to a system exceeds its processing capacity.(Wikipedia).

The Artist creates a fictious audio-visual language and presents it in a very fast motion in order to create the atmosphere of chaos and claustrophoby.