Frank Lahera O´Callaghan is born and it resides at the moment in the city of Santiago, Cuba. From boy he is interested in the drawing winning some competitions in their primary school. Studying the Basic Secondary and the Preuniversitario begins to be interested in the writing. His first stories transformed into his first short films. He participated in 30 exhibitions between collective and personal, national and international, where he has obtained recognitions in several corners of the orb. His filmography consists of 20 short films among fiction, documental and experimental that have been selected for several festivals in France, Chile and Argentina. His works are presented in international events of visual arts, encounters and biennial, among those that is II International Sample of Videoart Faenza of Colombia, GetxoPhoto 2019 of the Basque country, Loading Fest of Portugal, II Biennial International of Contemporary Art of the South BIENALSUR, ARCOTANGENTE 2016, among others. It has exposed collectively in several countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, etc, in different visual manifestations. Their works have been published in different magazines standing out: 100 grades (Spain), Floating Mag (Mexico), Splinters in the Eye (Colombia) and Ephemera 2.0 (USA). Had won prizes like for example the 3er Place International Festival of Self taught Picture FOTOFEST, Honorary Mention Blipoint 2019, Great Prize Photographs OroImagen 2016, better Videoart For First Time 2015 and Great Prize Living room Santiago Arts Visual Experimentation SAVE 2018. At the moment it also experiences the graphic design, the performance, the videoart, the installation, the art-object, the live cinema, the alive arts, among others.


Question of Perspective, 3' 2", 2018, Cuba

The truth this there no matter how much he/she is wanted opacar. Every day the existentsocial situation causes that the society has to give and to become more than in a stable entity, aware of its roots and commitment in an object, mutar in something strange
times, sometimes of attraction, of fair, to survive the social and economic conditions. On the other hand, in some cases, the strange look is of strangeness and of attendance to an active social circus, for that reality it could be said surrealist. And are those that are not neither of a decree neither of other… What could one make, to accuse, to meditate, to stay with the crossed arms, to denounce with the tools that it is possessed, to make us the blind men? He/she would not know how to be said. It is something ambivalent.

Dance, 1', 2017, Cuba

The reality invites that we sometimes do it with other looks as a form of escaping from the routine. With subjective look that we build a fantasy without fear, with the elements that constitute it, in the magic of the context, of the surroundings. A way to sometimes escape from the reality oppressive.