Hristina Chaneva was born in 1987. in Burgas. She completed his secondary education at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Design "Acad. Dechko Uzunov", Kazanlak. In 2010, Graduated in Mural Painting from the University of Veliko Turnovo Cyril and Methodius". During this period she realized a second solo exhibition "Zarazhdane", on the territory of her hometown and several mural projects, one of which is a project for a mosaic "Time" in the 5th building of VTU, Veliko Tarnovo

In 2010, is a volunteer in the second edition of the Digital Art Fest and a future student at the National Academy of Arts, where he later received his Master's Degree in Digital Arts.


The Cast, 7', 2019, Bulgaria

The Cast is a new look at how the mass media is affecting us. Media that show objective news and facts that overexpose or obscure, it creates a cast of visual information that sometimes stifles and obscures our own perceptions and worldview.

The video shows the accumulation of topical, poignant or pressing topics in the public media, in the form of "video papier mache".

In pursuit of beauty and sex ads, interviews with people and creatures from other worlds who have undergone plastic interventions, the war in the Middle East, impressive snippets of popular children's films and other footage gather to gather information, but also questions. Is there perfection in the common understanding of beauty and morality? Artificial or art is the pursuit of ultimate goals? Are they true or delusional? Is the truth in the public and the conventional, or in the deep and personal inside us, behind the mold? The mold reminds us a little of our fears ... and how to get rid of them with ease ...