Irina Stoyanova was born in 1997 in Kazakhstan. Graduate of Art School. Since 2015 he has been living in Bulgaria and studying Architecture at UACEG.
She has participated in various Contemporary Dance Performance Workshops, Hip-Hop, Butoh Dance, Impro and Sensual Theater, Interdisciplinary Projects.
Develops "Experimental Improvisation" - dance on Imaginary Conditions (external phenomena, internal objects, imaginary objects, substances, animals)
Runs Labs and Performances: "TreeOctopusiNsect", "MeGraDuSshoZapper",
Creative name "irr%ktopus" -error Octopus
- Because Error provokes Innovation !!
-Octopus moves independently by different tentacles - I Combine Interdisciplinary Arts: Pictures, Installations, Dance Theater, Multimedia, Photo and Video,
Transforming the Image from one Form to another.


SurreaSpace, 8', 2019, Bulgaria

The room has an installation of Geometric figures. The same Figures are modeled in a 3D program, Animated and put through Augmented Reality Glasses, through which the Video was shot. (without VideoEffects) I Dance, I Move Physical Figures and their Virtual Models, So with Virtual Objects - the whole Room starts to Dance, it Deforms, Finally, Ordinary Reality is completely lost in the Convulsions of the Digital World!

Music: “Omori” (experimental, ambient, noize) - Sofia, Bulgaria