Luis Carlos Rodríguez García. Avila, Spain. 1961. I live in Valladolid, Spain. Bachelor of Fine Arts 1985. Specialty Audiovisual Techniques. Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilbao. University of Pais Vasco. Professor of the AVisual Arts of Valladolid. Professor Faculty of Education - University of Valladolid, Since 1988- present.

I Have maid individual and collective exhibitions of painting, photography, video_art, installations and audiovisual performances, in Avila, Barakaldo, Bilbao, Madrid, Salamaca, Valladolid (Spain). In Toulouse, Nice, Aquitaine and Aveyron. (France) London (Great Britain). Warsaw, (Poland), Kyoto (Japón), Roma (Italia).


Collage 16, 6' 40", 2019, Spain

Several films at the same time intersect generating one and a thousand new stories. You will never / always see and not watch a movie. The audiovisual arts do not need the story.
We became non-narrative what was done to be narrative. With the technique taken from the Fine Arts and as an audiovisual collage, we make narrative and ecological hacks on films in the public domain.
Musically unified with the theme Inside Your Body (ID 1009), from the album: Habitable Sferes ( 2018), by the musician LOBO LOCO. Creative Commons 4.0.