Velina Kokalova biography


Ethereal , 2' 55", България

An interactive visual installation that explores boundaries and relationships between real and virtual. The picture is transforming through a software platform.  The image control is built through the signs movements, enabling it to be deployed and integrated into the digital environment. With the help of a computer mouse, the viewer has the opportunity to directly change and experiment with the video projection. The goal is to create a non-verbal communicative system that has its own life and dynamics and is simultaneously stimulated by the viewer in real time. The subject of the video is the alienation of the body or the physical expression of the absolute conflict of the Self that exists in a materialistic bodily frame. A strange form in which the spirit is a foreigner and a dweller in which he constantly struggles to keep his inner peace away from the pulsations of time. The video is inspired by the art of Butoh Dance and the possibilities it offers to express the archetypes that exist in the primitive and simultaneously complex sensations in the body.