The Acoustic Commons

Workshop by Grant Smith and Max SmithSoundCamp


The Acoustic Commons refers to an emerging set of practices across arts and sciences, where exchanging sounds across sites is a way to attend to their values and potentials.

The workshop introduces DIY tools for environmental broadcasting, from temporary streams with  the free app Locuscast to long term installations.

Useful techniques covered will include: making windshields with synthetic fur; soldering cheap high quality microphones with Primo EM272 capsules, and working with Raspberry Pi.

Participants can join the open microphone network hosted by Locus Sonus at AMU Aix-Marseille, and take part in the long form environmental radio project Reveil.


Maximum number of people


Number of workshops



Length of each workshop

2 hours (details to be discussed)


Technical requirements 

— Electrical power with several power points / extension cables

— An open Wifi network with a simple login and password (no web interface)

— 3 or 4 tables suitable for workshopping, including at least 1 rough table and or mats for soldering.

— Networked computer with monitor

— Sound system (amp and speakers or 2 x powered speakers) for playing out streams

— 12V Battery (optional) if we are working with solar power


These worshops will take place at Luft-Studio, Goethe Institude, 25 Oktober, 

- First session: from 10:00 till 12:00

- Second session: from 15:00 till 17:00 ч. 

Working language for this event: English