MIOLINI(Lina Blomqvist) is a audiovisual artist, singer, sound designer, audio and video producer based in Stockholm and Berlin. They are now currently studying music and sound design at Linnaeus University (Linnéuniversitetet) where they have gained experience and knowledge in audio production, audio mixing, recording, sound synthesis as well as creative, theoretical and social aspects of sound. They have also performed an internship at Gwen Torino mixdown studio in Berlin as well as an internship at Montana Cruz, a physical and digital shared space and gallery for projects related to art, music and
learning in Berlin. Their audiovisual project started when they started learning sound synthesis nine months ago at university. They started experimenting with sound design and synthesis, audio production in combination with video art and Foley-elements. Which lead to the creation of, so far, three abstract short films and another one in progress. The creation of these short films has been a way for MIOLINI to express themselves via an art that requires no demands and holds no borders. MIOLINI is also currently releasing collaborations with Sounds Foreign and Swedish rapper and producer David Lager.


BERLIN part 1, 2' 50", 2019, Germany

BERLIN is reflective of my time and experience in the city. My life has changed immensely since I started being there and it's sort of an hommage to this wonderful and twisted community that keeps bringing me forward in life. It's where I've experienced real love, not just romantic, but a different love for life. Just as much as life can be challenging there, it can also be highly rewarding emotionally. It's the love for Berlin.

BERLIN Credits:

Writing, production, audio/video recording, editing, arrangement, audio mixing, vocals by MIOLINI

Audio recordings at Gwen Torino mixdown studio, Berlin

Acting by DJ Hot Gossip 2