Saturated Pixels & SpartArt /Visuals/

(Angel Dodov, Lyubomir Brashnenkov and Spartak Yordanov)


Saturated Pixels are a creative  electro-acoustic duo from Sofia - Lyubomir Brashnenkov and Angel Dodov. They use a wide range of musical genres to shape their own living and organic mixture.

Their live performance includes a unique video designed by SpartArt (Spartak Yordanov and Ralitsa Toneva), abstract visuals that mix together liquids, pigments and substances.

The experimental reaction between the musical and the visual is at the core of the project.

The interaction between abstract and expressive explores the unconsciousness.

Saturated Pixels have two released albums

"Mystery“ LP 2018 -
"Photons" EP 2016 -


Angel Dodov is a musician and songwriter.

Over the years he has been involved in various non-profit music projects and formations -

Pod Dujda, Ksetofon, Sled Dajd Kachulka, with Saturated Pixels currently in the foreground, featuring together with Lyubomir Brashnenkov (Possibility Of Island, Osil Amuk, Cats Under Cars, AC, etc.).

They have released two albums - “Photons in 2016 and Mystery - 2018.

He is also working on a solo project called lastdodobird.

He has worked on the music and sound of short animated and documentary movies, poetic performances and commercials. He has also composed the music for episodes of the Urban Detective podcast -



Angel Dodov


Lyubomir Brashnenkov participates as a musician and composer in many Bulgarian underground projects with different musical styles.

Currently, his active projects are Saturated Pixels - with Angel Dodov and his solo project Possibility Of Island -
He has dozens of realized projects as an author of music for short documentary films and advertising - theatrical performances and musicals.


Lyubomir Brashnenkov


Spartak Yordanov is an artist, based in Bulgaria, born in 1979 in Sofia.

He graduates painting at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia.

His work includes painting, animation and video art.

He often integrates as frames in his video works his paintings also photographed stages of the creation. In his pieces he uses various tehniques and materials ( photographic paper, air-brush, acrylic,oil-colour, phosphorus, PVC  and metal surfaces), combining established methods of depiction with contemporary concepts. Investigates the movement of pigment, paint, fluid using the painting under camera technique. Creates a live visual environment in projects Macrostation and Saturated Pixels.

Project in development is an author short animated film.


Spartak Yordanov


Saturated Pixels have two albums:

"Mystery“ LP 2018 -

"Photons" EP 2016 -



Saturated Pixels & SpartArt - RADAR Festival Varna - 2016

SpartArt -