Alfred Schupler’s activity animated the national and international exhibition places, the artist being awarded at biennials, as well as at video art festivals.
The projects describe an ample path. They start from the conceptual level of interpretation, and end up with a diverse range of representation. Among his artistic activities he includes photography, cinematic editing and movie making, to which he adds philosophical nuances meant to bridge the gap between the audience and the underlying layers of the screening. The artist makes reference to history as to describe the dialogue of the subject with the surrounding atmosphere and with his inner self.


Before a nine o'clock, 1' 94", 2017, Romania

Every circumstance can turn into a staging environment under the pressure of current technology. A normal gesture read with the aid of narrative and aesthetics technique underline two postmodern tendencies: the fragility of intimate life and the transformation of visual arts into a social, and individual component.